Database Overview

Working with databases in LibreOffice

Datu avota skats

Choose View - Data Sources or press + Shift + F4 keys to call the data source view from a text document or spreadsheet.

On the left you can see the Data source explorer. If you select a table or query there, you see the contents of this table or query on the right. At the top margin is the Table Data bar.

Datu avoti

Adrešu grāmata kā datu avots

Skatīt datu avota saturu

Menu bar of a database file

Formas un atskaites

Create new form document, edit form controls, Form Wizard

Entering data versus editing form

Report Wizard

Using and Editing Database Reports


Create new query or table view, edit query structure

Query Wizard

Ievadiet, rediģējiet un kopējiet ierakstus


Create new table, edit table structure, index, relations

Table Wizard

Ievadiet, rediģējiet un kopējiet ierakstus

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