Jauns dokuments

Use the New Document tab from the Hyperlink dialog to set up a hyperlink to a new document and create the new document simultaneously.

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Click Hyperlink icon on Standard bar, click New Document.

Hyperlink New Document Dialog Image

Jauns dokuments

Specifies the name, path and type of the new document in this area.

Rediģēt tagad

Specifies that the new document is created and immediately opened for editing.

Rediģēt vēlāk

Specifies that the document is created but it is not immediately opened.


Enter a URL for the file that you want to open when you click the hyperlink.

Select Path

Opens the Select Path dialog, where you can select a path.

Datnes tips

Specifies the file type for the new document.

Papildu iestatījumi


Enter the name of the frame that you want the linked file to open in, or select a predefined frame from the list. If you leave this box blank, the linked file opens in the current browser window.


Specifies whether the hyperlink is inserted as text or as a button.


Opens the Assign Macro dialog, in which you can give events such as "mouse over object" or "trigger hyperlink" their own program codes.


Specifies the visible text or button caption for the hyperlink.


Enter a name for the hyperlink. LibreOffice inserts a NAME tag in the hyperlink.

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