LibreOffice Basic Macros

Atver dialogu, lai organizētu makro.

Lai piekļūtu šai komandai...

Choose Tools - Macros - Organize Macros - Basic, or press +F11 (if not assigned by your system).

Makrosa nosaukums

Displays the name of the selected macro. To create or to change the name of a macro, enter a name here.

Makross no / saglabāt makrosu iekš

Lists the libraries and the modules where you can open or save your macros. To save a macro with a particular document, open the document, and then open this dialog.

Palaist / saglabāt

Runs or saves the current macro.


Opens the Customize dialog, where you can assign the selected macro to a menu command, a toolbar, or an event.


Starts the LibreOffice Basic editor and opens the selected macro or dialog for editing.

Jauns / dzēst

Creates a new macro, creates a new module or deletes the selected macro or selected module.

To create a new macro in your document, select the "Standard" module in the Macro from list, and then click New.

To create a new module in a library of the My Macros container, select the proper library and press New. The LibreOffice Basic editor opens.

To delete a macro or module, select it, and then click Delete.

Jauna bibliotēka

Saglabā ierakstīto makro jaunā bibliotēkā.

Jauns modulis

Saglabā ierakstīto makro jaunā modulī.


Opens the Macro Organizer dialog, where you can add, edit, or delete existing macro modules, dialogs, and libraries.

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