Krāsu aizstājējs

Opens the Color Replacer dialog, where you can replace colors in bitmap and meta file graphics.

You can replace up to four different colors at one time.

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Choose Tools - Color Replacer (LibreOffice Draw and LibreOffice Impress).


Krāsu aizstājējs

Krāsu aizstājēja krāsa

Displays the color in the selected image that directly underlies the current mouse pointer position. This features only works if the Color Replacer tool is selected.


Replaces the selected source colors in the current image with the colors that you specify in the Replace with boxes.


Uzskaita avota krāsas un aizstāšanas krāsas.

Avota krāsas izvēles rūtiņa

Select this checkbox to replace the current Source color with the color that you specify in the Replace with box.

Avota krāsa

Displays the color in the selected image that you want to replace. To set the source color, click here, click the Color Replacer, and then click a color in the selected image.


Set the tolerance for replacing a source color in the source image. To replace colors that are similar to the color that you selected, enter a low value. To replace a wider range of colors, enter a higher value.

Aizstāt ar

Lists the available replacement colors. To modify the current list of colors, deselect the image, choose Format - Area, and then click the Colors tab.


Aizstāj caurspīdīgos apgabalus pašreizējā attēlā ar krāsu, kuru jūs atlasiet.


Select the color to replace the transparent areas in the current image.

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