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Edit the Chinese conversion terms.

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Choose Tools - Language - Chinese Conversion - Edit terms button. Asian language support must be enabled.

Piezīmes ikona

You can use this dialog to edit, to add, or to delete entries from the conversion dictionary. The file path name for the conversion dictionary is user/wordbook/commonterms.ctd. You cannot delete the default entries in this file.

No tradicionālās ķīniešu valodas uz vienkāršoto

Pārveido tradicionālo ķīniešu valodu uz vienkāršoto.

No vienkāršotās ķīniešu valodas uz tradicionālo

Pārveido vienkāršoto ķīniešu valodu uz tradicionālo.

Apgrieztā kartēšana

Automatically adds the reverse mapping direction to the list for each modification that you enter.


Enter the text that you want to replace with the Mapping term.


Enter the text that you want to replace the Term with.


Defines the class of the selected term.


Adds the term to the conversion dictionary. If the term is already in the dictionary, the new term receives precedence.


Saglabā modificēto ierakstu datubāzes datnē.


Removes the selected user-defined entry from the dictionary.

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