This section provides an overview of the toolbars available in LibreOffice Draw.

Å is kopsavilkums apraksta noklusējuma rÄ«kjoslu konfigurāciju priekÅ” LibreOffice.

Standard Bar

The Standard bar is available in every LibreOffice application.

ZīmēŔanas josla

The Drawing bar holds the main drawing tools.

Līnijas un aizpildījuma josla

The Line and Filling bar contains commands for the current editing mode.

Table Bar

The Table Bar contains functions you need when working with tables. It appears when you move the cursor into a table.

Teksta formatēŔanas josla

To display the Text Formatting Bar, place the cursor inside a text object.

Attēlu josla

Use the Image bar to set the color, contrast, and brightness options for the selected graphic object(s).

Edit Points Bar

The Edit Points Bar appears when you select a polygon object and click Edit Points.

Opciju josla

The Options bar can be displayed by choosing View - Toolbars - Options.

Krāsu josla

Show or hide the Color bar. To modify or change the color table that is displayed, choose Format - Area, and then click on the Colors tab.

Statusa josla

The status bar displays information about your document, including the currently selected object. You can double-click some status bar items to open a related dialog window.


The 3D Settings toolbar controls properties of selected 3D objects.


The Fontwork toolbar opens when you select a Fontwork object.


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