Chart Wizard - Chart Elements

Pirmajā Diagrammu vedņa lappusē jūs varat izvēlēties diagrammas tipu.

Lai piekļūtu šai komandai...

Choose Insert - Chart...


Insert Chart

Press Shift+F1 and point to a control to learn more about that control.

Lai ievadītu diagrammu elementus

Enter titles or click the elements that you want to be shown on the current chart.


If you enter text for a title, subtitle, or any axis, the necessary space will be reserved to display the text next to the chart. If you do not enter a text, no space will be reserved, leaving more space to display the chart.

It is not possible to link the title text to a cell. You must enter the text directly.

When the chart is finished, you can change the position and other properties by the Format menu.


The legend displays the labels from the first row or column, or from the range that you have set in the Data Series dialog. If your chart does not contain labels, the legend displays text like "Row 1, Row 2, ...", or "Column A, Column B, ..." according to the row number or column letter of the chart data.

You cannot enter the text directly, it is automatically generated from the Name cell range.

Select one of the position options. When the chart is finished, you can specify other positions using the Format menu.


The visible grid lines can help to estimate the data values in the chart.

The distance of the grid lines corresponds to the interval settings in the Scale tab of the axis properties.

Grid lines are not available for pie charts.

Papildu elementi

For additional elements use the Insert menu of the chart in edit mode. There you can define the following elements:

  1. Sekundārās asis

  2. Mazie režģi

  3. Datu etiķetes

  4. Statistics, for example mean values, y error bars and trend lines

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