This submenu lists the toolbars that are available in spreadsheets. This overview describes the default toolbar configuration for LibreOffice.

Standard Bar

The Standard bar is available in every LibreOffice application.

Formatēšanas josla

The Formatting bar contains basic commands for applying manually formatting.

Rīku josla

Use the Tools bar to access commonly used commands.

Formulas josla

Lietojiet šo joslu, lai ievadītu formulas.

Zīmējuma josla

The Drawing bar contains frequently used editing tools. Click the arrow next to an icon to open a toolbar that contains additional commands.

Find Bar

The Find toolbar can be used to quickly search the contents of LibreOffice documents.

Attēlu josla

The Image bar is displayed when you insert or select an image in a sheet.

Zīmējuma objektu īpašību josla

The Drawing Object Properties Bar for objects that you select in the sheet contains formatting and alignment commands.

Teksta formatēšanas josla

The Text Formatting Bar that is displayed when the cursor is in a text object, such as a text box or a drawing object, contains formatting and alignment commands.

Print Preview Bar

The Print Preview bar is displayed when you choose File - Print Preview.

Statusa josla

The Status Bar displays information about the current sheet.


Click the arrow next to the icon to open the Insert toolbar, where you can add graphics and special characters to the current sheet.

Classification Toolbar

The Classification bar contains tools to help secure document handling.

The Classification toolbar contains listboxes to help in selecting the security of the document, according to the BAF category policy and BAILS levels. LibreOffice will add custom fields in the document properties (File - Properties, Custom Properties tab) to store the classification policy as document metadata.

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