Šīs komandas pielieto pašreizējam dokumentam, atver jaunu dokumentu vai aizver lietotni.


Izveido jaunu LibreOffice dokumentu.


Opens a local or remote file, or imports one.

Nesenie dokumenti

Lists the most recently opened files. To open a file in the list, click its name.


Closes the current document without exiting the program.


Guides you through creating business and personal letters, faxes, agendas, presentations, and more.


Lets you organize and edit your templates, as well as save the current file as a template.

Ielādēt atkārtoti

Replaces the current document with the last saved version.


Saves and organizes multiple versions of the current document in the same file. You can also open, delete and compare previous versions.

Saglabāt kā

Saglabā tekošo dokumentu.

Saglabāt kā

Saves the current document in a different location, or with a different file name or file type.

Saglabāt visu

Saves all modified LibreOffice documents.


Saves the current document with a different name and format to a location that you specify.

Eksportēt kā PDF

Saves the current file to Portable Document Format (PDF) version 1.4. A PDF file can be viewed and printed on any platform with the original formatting intact, provided that supporting software is installed.


Sends a copy of the current document to different applications.

Preview in Web Browser

Creates a temporary copy of the current document in HTML format, opens the system default Web browser, and displays the HTML file in the Web browser.

Drukas priekšskatījums

Displays a preview of the printed page or closes the preview.


Prints the current document, selection, or the pages that you specify. You can also set the print options for the current document. The printing options can vary according to the printer and the operating system that you use.

Printer Settings

Select the default printer for the current document.


Displays the properties for the current file, including statistics such as word count and the date the file was created.


Adds and removes digital signatures to and from your document. You can also use the dialog to view certificates.

Exit LibreOffice

Closes all LibreOffice programs and prompts you to save your changes. This command does not exist on macOS systems.

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