The following menu commands are available for spreadsheets.

Piezīmes ikona

The window containing the document you want to work on must be selected in order to use the menu commands. Similarly, you must select an object in the document to use the menu commands associated with the object.

Brīdinājuma ikona

The menus are context sensitive. This means that those menu items are available that are relevant to the work currently being carried out. If the cursor is located in a text, then all of those menu items are available that are needed to edit the text. If you have selected graphics in a document, then you will see all of the menu items that can be used to edit graphics.


These commands apply to the current document, create a document, open an existing document, or close the application.


Šī izvēlne satur komandas pašreizējā dokumenta satura rediģēšanai.


This menu contains commands to control the on-screen display of the document, change the user interface and access the sidebar panels.


The Insert menu contains commands for inserting new elements, such as images, text boxes, object, media, cell names and much more into the current sheet.


The Format menu contains commands for formatting selected cells, objects, and cell contents in your document.



Šī izvēlne satur komandas, lai modificētu un pārvaldītu loksni un tās elementus.


Use the Data menu commands to edit the data in the current sheet. You can define ranges, sort and filter the data, calculate results, outline data, and create a pivot table.



Satur komandas dokumentu logu manipulēšanai un attēlošanai.


The Help menu allows you to start and control the LibreOffice Help system.

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