SWITCH compares expression with value1 to valuen and returns the result belonging to the first value that equals expression. If there is no match and default_result is given, that will be returned.


This function is available since LibreOffice 5.2


SWITCH( expression, value1, result1[, value2, result2][, … ][, default_result] )

expression is a text, numeric, logical or date input or reference to a cell.

value1, value2, ... is any value or reference to a cell. Each value must have a result given.

result1, result2, ... is any value or reference to a cell.

default_result: any value or reference to a cell that is returned when there is no match.

If no value equals expression and no default result is given, a #N/A error is returned.


=SWITCH(MONTH(A3),1,"January",2,"February",3,"March","No match") returns "January" when A3=1, February when A3=2 , etc...

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