Function Statement

Defines a subroutine that can be used as an expression to determine a return type.


skatiet Parametrs



Function Name[(VarName1 [As Type][, VarName2 [As Type][,...]]]) [As Type]

priekšraksta bloks

[Exit Function]

priekšraksta bloks

End Function


Name: Name of the subroutine to contain the value returned by the function.

VarName: Parameter to be passed to the subroutine.

Type: Type-declaration keyword.


Sub ExampleExit
Dim sReturn As String
Dim sListArray(10) As String
Dim siStep As Single
    For siStep = 0 To 10 ' Fill array with test data
        sListArray(siStep) = chr$(siStep + 65)
        MsgBox sListArray(siStep)
    Next siStep
    sReturn = LinSearch(sListArray(), "B")
    Print sReturn
End Sub
Function LinSearch( sList(), sItem As String ) As Integer
Dim iCount As Integer
' Linsearch searches a TextArray:sList() for a TextEntry:
' Return value Is the index of the entry Or 0 (Null)
    For iCount=1 To Ubound( sList() )
        If sList( iCount ) = sItem Then
            Exit For ' sItem found
        End If
    Next iCount
    If iCount = Ubound( sList() ) Then iCount = 0
    LinSearch = iCount
End Function

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