Define the properties for the selected control or dialog. The available properties depend on the type of control selected. The following properties therefore are not available for every type of control.


Specifies the delay in milliseconds between scrollbar trigger events. A trigger event occurs when you click a scrollbar arrow or click the background area in a scrollbar. Repeated trigger events occur if you keep the mouse button pressed when you click a scrollbar arrow or background area in a scrollbar. If you want, you can include valid time units with the number that you enter, for example, 2 s or 500 ms.


Select "Yes" to enable the control. If the control is disabled, it is grayed out in the dialog.


Repeats trigger events when you keep the mouse button pressed on a control such as a spin button.


Norādiet pašreizējās vadīklas vai dialoga augstumu.

Autom. aizpilde

Select "Yes" to enable the AutoFill function for the selected control.

Datuma formāts

Specify the desired format for a date control. A date control interprets the user input depending on this format setting.


Specify the default date to be shown in the Date control.

Datums maks.

Norādiet augšējo robežu datuma vadīklai.

Datums min.

Norādiet apakšējo robežu datuma vadīklai.

Decimālā precizitāte

Specify the number of decimal places displayed for a numerical or currency control.


Select "Yes" to include the current control in a document's printout.


Specifies the label of the current control. The label is displayed along with the control.

You can create multi-line labels by inserting manual line breaks in the label using Shift+Enter.

Fona krāsa

Norādiet fona krāsu pašreizējai vadīklai.


Specify the source of the graphics for a button or an image control. Click "..." to select a file.

Griešanas poga

Select "Yes" to add spin buttons to a numerical, currency, date, or time control to allow increasing and decreasing the input value using arrow buttons.

Invokes stop mode editing

Specifies what happens when editing is interrupted by selecting another node in the tree, a change in the tree's data, or by some other means.

Setting this property to TRUE causes the changes to be automatically saved when editing is interrupted. FALSE means that editing is canceled and changes are lost.

Noklusētā vērtība ir FALSE.


Select "Yes" to enable the dropdown option for list or combo box controls. A dropdown control field has an arrow button which you can click to open a list of the existing form entries.


Specifies the sequence of the selected items, where "0" corresponds to the first item. To select more than one item, Multiselection must be enabled.

Klikšķiniet ... pogu, lai atvērtu Izvēlētais dialogu.

Click the item or items that you want to select. To select more than one item, ensure that the Multiselection option is selected.

Izvēles veids

Specifies the selection mode that is enabled for this tree control.

Laika formāts

Atlasiet formātu, kurš tiks lietots laika vadīklām.

Laiks maks.

Norādiet maksimuma laika vērtību laika vadīklai.

Laiks min.

Norādiet minimuma laika vērtību laika vadīklai.

Lappuse (solis)

Specify the number of the dialog page to which the current control is assigned or the page number of the dialog you want to edit. If a dialog has only one page set its Page (Step) value to 0.

Select Page (Step) = 0 to make a control visible on every dialog page.

To switch between dialog pages at run time, you need to create a macro that changes the value of Page (Step).

Lielas izmaiņas

Specify the number of units to scroll when a user clicks in the area between the slider and the arrows on a scrollbar.


Specify the alignment option for the selected control.

Maks. teksta garums

Norādiet maksimuma skaitu rakstzīmēm, kuras lietotājs var ievadīt.


Norādiet malas tipu pašreizējai vadīklai.

Mazas izmaiņas

Specify the number of units to scroll when a user clicks an arrow on a scrollbar.


Scales the image to fit the control size.

Noklusējuma poga

Select "Yes" to make the current button control the default selection. Pressing Return in the dialog activates the default button.


Insert a name for the current control. This name is used to identify the control.


Norādiet orientāciju ritjoslas vadīklai.

Palielinājuma/samazinājuma vērtība

Specify the increment and decrement interval for spin button controls.

Palīdzības URL

Specify the help URL that is called when you press F1 while the focus is on a particular control. For example, use the format HID:1234 to call the Help-ID with the number 1234.

Set the environment variable HELP_DEBUG to 1 to view the Help-IDs as extended help tips.

Palīdzības teksts

Enter a help text that is displayed as a tip (bubble help) when the mouse rests over the control.

Paroles rakstzīmes

Enter a character to be displayed instead of the characters that are typed. This can be used for entering passwords in text controls.

Pašrocīgā rindas dalīšana

Select "Yes" to allow manual line breaks inside multiline controls.


Norādiet pašreizējās vadīklas vai dialoga platumu.

Pogas tips

Select a button type. Button types determine what type of action is initiated.


Norādiet pašreizējās vadīklas attālumu no dialoga kreisās puses.


Norādiet pašreizējās vadīklas attālumu no dialoga augšas.

Priedēkļa simbols

Select "Yes" to display the currency symbol prefix in currency controls when a number was entered.

Progresa vērtība

Norādiet progresa vērtību progresa joslas vadīklai.

Progresa vērtība maks.

Norādiet progresa joslas vadīklas maksimuma vērtību.

Progresa vērtība min.

Norādiet progresa joslas vadīklas minimuma vērtību.

Rakstzīmju kopa

Select the font to be used for displaying the contents of the current control.


Specifies whether the nodes of the tree control are editable.

Noklusētā vērtība ir FALSE.

Rediģēt masku

Specify the edit mask for a pattern control. This is a character code that defines the input format for the control.

You need to specify a masking character for each input character of the edit mask to restrict the input to the values that are listed in the following table:




A text constant. This character cannot be modified by the user.


The characters a-z can be entered here. If a capital letter is entered, it is automatically converted to a lowercase letter.


The characters A-Z can be entered here. If a lowercase letter is entered, it is automatically converted to a capital letter


The characters a-z and 0-9 can be entered here. If a capital letter is entered, it is automatically converted to a lowercase letter.


The characters a-z and 0-9 can be entered here. If a lowercase letter is entered, it is automatically converted to a capital letter


Tikai rakstzīmes 0-9 var tikt ievadītas.


Visas drukājamās rakstzīmes var tikt ievadītas.


All printable characters can be entered. If a lowercase letter is used, it is automatically converted to a capital letter.

Redzamais izmērs

Norādiet ritjoslas vadīklas slīdņa garumu.

Rindas augstums

Specifies the height of each row of a tree control, in pixels.

If the specified value is less than or equal to zero, the row height is the maximum height of all rows.

Noklusētā vērtība ir 0.

Rindu skaits

Enter the number of lines to be displayed for a list control. For combo boxes, this setting is only active if the dropdown option is enabled.

Ritināšanas vērtība

Specify the initial value of a scrollbar control. This determines the position of the scrollbar slider.

Ritināšanas vērtība maks.

Norādiet ritjoslas vadīklas maksimuma vērtību.

Ritināšanas vērtība min.

Norādiet ritjoslas vadīklas minimuma vērtību.


Adds the scrollbar type that you specify to a text box.


Adds the scrollbar type that you specify to a text box.

Rādīt saknes turus

Specifies whether the handles of the nodes should also be displayed at root level.

Noklusētā vērtība ir TRUE.

Rādīt turus

Specifies whether the handles of the nodes should be displayed.

The handles are dotted lines that visualize the hierarchy of the tree control.

Noklusētā vērtība ir TRUE.

Sakne redzama

Specifies if the root node of the tree control is displayed.

If Root displayed is set to FALSE, the root node of a model is no longer a valid node for the tree control and can't be used with any method of XTreeControl.

Noklusētā vērtība ir TRUE.

Saraksta ieraksti

Specify the entries for a list control. One line takes one list entry. Press Shift+Enter to insert a new line.


Specify the order in which the controls receive the focus when the Tab key is pressed in the dialog. On entering a dialog, the control with the lowest order (0) receives the focus. Pressing the Tab key the successively focuses the other controls as specified by their order number.

Initially, the controls receive numbers in the order they are added to the dialog. You can change the order numbers for controls. LibreOffice Basic updates the order numbers automatically to avoid duplicate numbers. Controls that cannot be focused are also assigned a value but these controls are skipped when using the Tab key.

Strikts formāts

Select "Yes" to only allow valid characters to be entered in a numerical, currency, date, or time control.


Select the selection state of the current control.


Select the focus behavior of the current control when using the Tab key.


Only input controls receive the focus when using the Tab key. Controls without input like caption controls are omitted.

When using the tab key focusing skips the control.

The control can be selected with the Tab key.


Select "Yes" to prevent the user from editing the value of the current control. The control is enabled and can be focused but not modified.


Select "Yes" to allow a check box to have three states (checked, unchecked, and grayed out) instead of two (checked and unchecked).

Tūkstošu atdalītājs

Select "Yes" to display thousands separator characters in numerical and currency controls.


Select "Yes" to allow the selection of multiple entries in list controls.

Vairāku rindu ievade

Select "Yes" to allow the input of multiple lines in the control. Press Enter to insert a manual line break in the control.

Valūtas simbols

Enter the currency symbol to be used for currency controls.

Virknes maska

Specify the initial values to be displayed in a pattern control. This helps the user to identify which values are allowed in a pattern control. The literal mask is restricted by the format specified by the edit mask.


Specify the title of the dialog. Click the border of the dialog to select the dialog.

Titles are only used for labeling a dialog and can only contain one line. Please note that if you work with macros, controls are only called through their Name property.


Norādiet vērtību pašreizējai vadīklai.

Vērtība maks.

Norādiet maksimuma vērtību pašreizējai vadīklai.

Vērtība min.

Norādiet minimuma vērtību pašreizējai vadīklai.

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