Numbering and Paragraph Styles

Galite pritaikyti numeravimą pastraipai rankiniu būdu arba su pastraipos stiliumi.


If you want numbered headings, use Tools - Heading Numbering, instead of numbering manually.

Pritaikyti numeravimą rankiniu būdu

To apply numbering manually, click in the paragraph, and then click the Toggle Ordered List icon on the Formatting bar, or use the dropdown box on the icon to select a numbering format.


Negalite pritaikyti rankinio numeravimo pastraipoms, kurios yra įtrauktos į sąrašus „Specialieji stiliai“ lange „Stiliai“.


To add selected paragraphs to an existing list, use Format - Lists - Add to List.

Pritaikyti numeravimą su pastraipos stiliumi

Paragraph Styles give you greater control over numbering that you apply in a document. When you change the list style assigned to a paragraph style, then the numbering format in the list style is applied automatically to all paragraphs using the paragraph style.

  1. Pasirinkite Rodymas → Stiliai ir tada spauskite Pastraipos stiliai piktogramą.

  2. Dešiniu pelės mygtuku paspauskite pastraipos stilių, kuriam norite pritaikyti numeravimą ir tada pasirinkite Keisti.

  3. Click the Outline & List tab.

  4. In the List style box, select the list style to apply.

  5. Paspauskite Gerai.

  6. Apply the paragraph style to the paragraphs that you want to add numbering to.

Changing the List Level of a List Paragraph

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