Type formatting

In the data source explorer, you can copy a table by dragging and dropping the table onto the table container. The Type formatting dialog is the third window of the Copy table dialog.

List box

Lists the data fields that will be included in to the copied table.

Column information

Field name

Displays the name of the selected data field. If you want, you can enter a new name.

Field type

Select a field type.


Enter the number of characters for the data field.

Decimal places

Enter the number of decimal places for the data field. This option is only available for numerical or decimal data fields.

Default value

Select the default value for a Yes/No field.

Automatic type recognition

LibreOffice can automatically recognize field contents when you copy database tables by drag and drop.

(max.) lines

Enter the number of lines to use for automatic type recognition.


Enables automatic type recognition.

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