CompatibilityMode() funkcija

CompatibilityMode() function controls or queries runtime mode. It affects all code executed after setting or resetting the runtime mode.


Naudokite šią funkciją atsargiai, apsiribokite, pavyzdžiui, dokumentų konvertavimu.


      CompatibilityMode(Optional Enable As Boolean) As Boolean

Grąžinimo reikšmė:

CompatibilityMode function always returns the mode that is active after its execution. That is, if called with an argument, it returns the new mode; if called without an argument, it returns the active mode without modifying it.


Enable: Sets or unsets new compatibility mode when the argument is present.


CompatibilityMode function relates to Option VBASupport 1, in which case it always returns True. It is unrelated to Option Compatible compiler directive.

Ši funkcija gali paveikti arba padėti šiose situacijose:


Pateikiama NOT tuščias katalogas iš file:///home/me/Test

      Sub RemoveDir

MsgBox CompatibilityMode() ' False

CompatibilityMode( True ) RmDir( "file:///home/me/Test" ) CompatibilityMode False

MsgBox CompatibilityMode ' False

End Sub

With CompatibilityMode( True ) the program raises an error, otherwise the Test directory and all its content is deleted.


Modifikuojant Dir elgesį

    Sub VBADirCommand
        CompatibilityMode( Enable := True )   ' Shows also normal files
        Entry$ = Dir( "file:///home/me/Tmp/*.*", 16 )
        Total$ = ""
        While Entry$ <> ""
            Total$ = Total$ + Entry$ + Chr$(13)
            Entry$ = Dir
        MsgBox Total$
        CompatibilityMode Enable := False ' Shows only directories
    End Sub

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