CallByName Function

Invokes a subroutine by its string name.


  CallByName(object As Object, ProcName As String, CallType As Integer [,arg0 [,arg1 …]])

Grąžinimo reikšmė:

result: An optional variable that contains the result of the called method or property.


object: A Basic module, ClassModule instance or UNO service holding properties or methods.

ProcName: The Function, Sub or Property that is being called.

CallType: The type of performed action such as Get, Let, Method and Set.

arg0, arg1 …: The Function optional parameters given as positional arguments.

Arguments are provided in the exact same order defined in the method signature. Keyword arguments are not possible.


CallType Description


Method: Calls a procedure as a function or a subroutine.


Get: Reads a property or variable content.


Let: Assigns a content to a Property or variable.


Set: Assigns a reference value to an Object or Variant variable.


  1. A Calc.Maths module contains a Multiply function expecting a varying list of numbers.

  2. ScriptForge.Platform.Architecture information is retrieved.

  3. DisplayDirectory property of UNO service is set to the user home folder, its content is read twice.

  Sub CallByName_example
      Const _Method = 1, _Get = 2, _Let = 4, _Set = 8
      BasicLibraries.loadLibrary("Calc") ' Calc.Maths user library.module
      Dim cm As Object : cm = Calc.Maths
      MsgBox CallByName(cm, "Multiply", _Method, 3, 45, 1, 89)		' 12015
      MsgBox CallByName(cm, "Multiply", _Method, 1.85e15, 44, 10^8)	' 8.14E+24
      Dim p As Object : p = CreateScriptService("ScriptForge.Platform")
      MsgBox CallByName(p, "Architecture", _Get) ' 32bit/64bit
      Dim uno As Object : uno = CreateUnoService("")
      Dim fs As Object  : fs  = CreateScriptService("ScriptForge.FileSystem")
      CallByName(uno, "DisplayDirectory", _Let, fs.HomeFolder)
      MsgBox CallByName(uno, "DisplayDirectory", _Get)
      var = CallByName(uno, "getDisplayDirectory", _Get)
  End Sub

Calc.Maths module

  Option Compatible ' Calc.Maths module
  Option Explicit
  Public Function Multiply(ParamArray args() As Double) As Variant
      ''' Multiply a variable list of numbers '''
      Dim ndx As Integer
      If UBound(args) >= 0 Then
          Multiply = 1.0
          For ndx = 0 To UBound(args)
              Multiply = Multiply * args(ndx)
          Next ndx
      End If
  End Function 'Calc.Maths.Multiply()

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