Opens the Styles deck of the Sidebar, which lists the available graphic and presentation styles for applying and editing.

The Styles window in LibreOffice Impress behaves differently than in other LibreOffice programs. For example, you can create, edit and apply Graphic Styles, but you can only edit Presentation Styles.

To access this command...

When you edit a style, the changes are automatically applied to all of the elements formatted with this style in your document. If you want to ensure that the styles on a specific slide are not updated, create a new master slide for the slide.

Presentation Styles

Show styles used in LibreOffice Impress AutoLayouts. You can only modify Presentation Styles.

Icon Presentation Styles

Presentation Styles

Graphic Styles

Show styles for formatting graphical elements, including text objects.

Icon Graphic Styles

Graphic Styles

Fill format mode

Applies the selected style to an object on your slide. Click the paint bucket icon and then click an object in your slide to apply the style. Click the paint bucket icon again to exit this mode.

Icon Fill format mode

Fill format mode

New Style from Selection

Creates a new style using the format attributes of a selected object.

Icon New Style from selection

New Style from selection

Update Style

Updates the Style selected in the Styles window with the current formatting of the selected object.

Icon Update Style

Update Style

Style List / Style Groups / Context menu: New / Edit Style / Hide

Create, edit, apply and manage styles.

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