Adding Numbering

목록에 번호 매기기를 추가하려면

  1. 번호 매기기를 추가할 단락을 선택합니다.

  2. Do one of the following:

Icon Ordered List

Toggle Ordered List


A paragraph style can be configured to add numbering.

To Remove Paragraphs from an Ordered List

To remove numbering, select the numbered paragraphs, then click the Toggle Ordered List icon or the No List icon on the Formatting Bar.

To Format an Ordered List

To change the formatting of a numbered list, do one of the following:

To change the hierarchy of an ordered list, click in the list, then use the icons in the Bullets and Numbering toolbar.


Copying or moving an item from a numbered list to a new location continues the list numbering. To start a new numbering with the pasted item, click Toggle Ordered List twice. Any formatting on the pasted item is reset to default.

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