Position (List Styles - Legacy)

Sets the indent, spacing, and alignment options for the numbered or bulleted list.

이 명령을 사용하려면...

Choose Format - Bullets and Numbering - Position tab.


Select the level(s) that you want to modify. To apply the options to all the levels, select "1-10". In Chapter Numbering, only one level can be selected, or use "1-10" to apply the options, except Paragraph style, to all the levels.


LibreOffice Writer uses the position controls shown here when opening documents that use a different method for positioning and spacing. For default controls see Position (List Styles).

Position and Spacing


Enter the amount of space to leave between the left page margin (or the left edge of the text object) and the left edge of the numbering area. If the current paragraph style uses an indent, the amount you enter here is added to the indent.


Indents the current level relative to the previous level in the list hierarchy.

Width of numbering

Enter the width of the numbering area. The numbering symbol can be left, center or right in this area.

번호 매기기 맞춤

Aligns the numbering symbol left, center, or right in the numbering area. The position might be adjusted to maintain the minimum space.


번호 매기기 맞춤 옵션은 단락 맞춤을 설정하지 않습니다.


들여쓰기 및 간격 값을 기본값으로 다시 설정합니다.


Displays a preview of the current selection.


Saves or loads a chapter numbering format. A saved chapter numbering format is available to all text documents.

참고 아이콘

The Load/Save button is only available for chapter numbering. For numbered or bulleted list styles, modify the numbering styles of the paragraphs.


Resets changes made to the current tab to those applicable when this dialog was opened.


수정한 값이나 선택한 값만 적용하고 대화 상자를 닫지 않습니다.

This control appears only when modifying a List style.

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