Ordered List

Adds or removes numbering from the selected paragraphs.


From the menu bar:

Choose Format - Lists - Ordered List.

From the context menu:

Choose Lists - Ordered List.

From the tabbed interface:

Choose Home - Ordered List.

From toolbars:

Icon Ordered List

Toggle Ordered List

From the keyboard:


From the sidebar:

On the Paragraph deck of the Properties panel, click on Ordered List.

To define the numbering format, choose Format - Bullets and Numbering. To display the Bullets and Numbering Bar, choose View - Toolbars - Bullets and Numbering.


αž‡αž˜αŸ’αžšαžΎαžŸ αž…αŸ†αžŽαž»αž… αž“αž·αž„ αž›αŸαžαžšαŸ€αž„β€‹αž˜αž½αž™αž…αŸ†αž“αž½αž“ αž‚αžΊβ€‹αž˜αž·αž“αž’αžΆαž…αž˜αžΆαž“β€‹αž“αŸ…αž–αŸαž›β€‹αž’αŸ’αžœαžΎαž€αžΆαžšαž“αŸ…αž›αžΎ αž”αŸ’αž›αž„αŸ‹αž”αžŽαŸ’αžŠαžΆαž‰ αž‘αŸΒ αŸ”

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