Outline Folding

Hide and show all content under headings, including text, images, tables, frames, shapes, and text boxes.

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Choose - LibreOffice Writer/Web) - View, and select the Show Outline Folding Buttons checkbox.

Open the Navigator (F5) and display the Headings entry. Hover the mouse on a heading and open the context menu. Select Outline Folding submenu.

Use this feature to selectively hide and show contents under all paragraphs that have a non-zero outline level, usually headings. In large documents, it allows to quickly scroll to the right position for editing and reading.

Using Outline Folding with Navigator

All outline folding commands in the navigator are shown in the context menu of the Headings entries. Open the context menu of a heading and choose Outline Folding.

Headings Icon

Headings icon

Fold all

Hides all contents for the selected heading and its sub-headings. Sibling outline headings with same level are not hidden. If applied on the main Headings entry of the navigator, only the document headings are displayed.

Unfold all

Headings and its sub-headings contents are displayed in the document area. If applied on the main Headings entry of the navigator, the document is displayed in full.


Toggles the outline folding of the selected item.

Using Outline Folding with the Mouse

Over a heading

Press the key and place the mouse over a heading. An arrow in left margin gives a visual cue.

When mouse pointer image changes to hand pointer, the following commands are possible:

Arrows in left margin

Place mouse in left margin next to a heading. An arrow appears if content is shown.

Saving Document Outline Folding State

Documents saved in Open Document Format (.odt) will retain the current settings of hidden and shown contents at time of the save command.


The document contents are not affected by the folding settings.

Printing and exporting to PDF with Outline Folding Contents

To print or to export the full document, set the outline folding to Unfold All beforehand.


Folded outline contents will not be printed or exported to PDF.

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