Slide Show Settings

Defines settings for your slide show, including which slide to start from, the way you advance the slides, the type of presentation, and pointer options.

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Choose Slide Show - Slide Show Settings.

Presentation Dialog


Specifies which slides to include in the slide show.

All slides

Includes all of the slides in your slide show.


Enter the number of the start slide.

Custom Slide Show

Runs a custom slide show in the order that you defined in Slide Show - Custom Slide Show.

Presentation Mode

Select the slide show type.

Full screen

A full screen slide is shown.

In a window

Slide show runs in the LibreOffice program window.

Loop and repeat after

Restarts the slide show after the pause interval you specify. A pause slide is displayed between the final slide and the start slide. Press the Esc key to stop the show.

Duration of pause

Enter the duration of the pause before the slide show is repeated. If you enter zero, the show restarts immediately without showing a pause slide.

αƒαƒ©αƒ•αƒ”αƒœαƒ” αƒšαƒαƒ’αƒ

Displays the LibreOffice logo on the pause slide. The logo cannot be exchanged.


Change slides manually

Slides never change automatically when this box is selected.

Mouse pointer visible

Shows the mouse pointer during a slide show.

Mouse pointer as pen

Changes the mouse pointer to a pen which you can use to draw on slides during the presentation.


Anything you write with the pen will appear in your slides after exiting the slideshow. The properties of the pen can be changed by choosing the Pen Width or Change pen Color command in the context menu of the running slide show.

Animations allowed

Displays all frames of animated GIF files during the slide show. If this option is not selected, only the first frame of an animated GIF file is displayed.

Change slides by clicking on background

Advances to the next slide when you click on the background of a slide.

Presentation always on top

The LibreOffice window remains on top during the presentation. No other program will show its window in front of your presentation.

Multiple Displays

By default the primary display is used for slide show mode. If the current desktop is displayed on more than one display, you can select which display to use for full screen slide show mode. If the current desktop spans only one display, or if the multi display feature is not supported on the current system, you cannot select another display.

Presentation display

Select a display to use for full screen slide show mode.

If the system allows the user to span a window over all available displays, you can also select "All displays". In this case the presentation is spanned over all available displays.


This setting is saved in the user configuration and not inside the document.

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