This function is part of the Open Document Format for Office Applications (OpenDocument) standard Version 1.2. (ISO/IEC 26300:2-2015)


WORKDAY(StartDate; Days [; Holidays])

開始日 は、そこから計算を実行する日付です。開始日が営業日の場合は、計算に含まれます。

日数 は、営業日数です。開始日のあとの結果は正の値、開始日の前の結果は負の値です。

祝日 はオプション祝日のリストです。祝日は休業日です。祝日が個々に一覧表示されているセル範囲を入力します。


When entering dates as part of formulas, slashes or dashes used as date separators are interpreted as arithmetic operators. Therefore, dates entered in this format are not recognized as dates and result in erroneous calculations. To keep dates from being interpreted as parts of formulas use the DATE function, for example, DATE(1954;7;20), or place the date in quotation marks and use the ISO 8601 notation, for example, "1954-07-20". Avoid using locale dependent date formats such as "07/20/54", the calculation may produce errors if the document is loaded under different locale settings.


Unambiguous conversion is possible for ISO 8601 dates and times in their extended formats with separators. If a #VALUE! error occurs, then unselect Generate #VALUE! error in - LibreOffice Calc - Formula, button Details... in section "Detailed Calculation Settings", Conversion from text to number list box.


This function ignores any text or empty cell within a data range. If you suspect wrong results from this function, look for text in the data ranges. To highlight text contents in a data range, use the value highlighting feature.

2001 年 12 月 1 日以降の 17 営業日目を求めます。C3 に開始日「2001-12-01」、D3 に営業日数を入力します。セル F3 から J3 には、「2001-12-24」、「2001-12-25」、「2001-12-26」、「2001-12-31」、「2002-01-01」のクリスマスと新年休暇が含まれています。

=WORKDAY(C3;D3;F3:J3) returns 2001-12-28. Format the serial date number as a date, for example in the format YYYY-MM-DD.