Inniheldur stafsetningaráhöld og safn með ýmiskonar myndefni sem þú getur sett inn í skjöl, auk tóla til að sérsníða valmyndir og til að breyta hegðun forritsins.


Checks spelling manually.

Automatic Spell Checking

Automatically checks spelling as you type, and underlines errors.


Opens a dialog box to replace the current word with a synonym, or a related term.


Opens a submenu where you can choose language specific commands.

Fjöldi orða

Counts the words and characters, with or without spaces, in the current selection and in the whole document. The count is kept up to date as you type or change the selection.

Sjálfvirk leiðrétting

Automatically formats the file according to the options that you set under Tools - AutoCorrect - AutoCorrect Options.

Sjálfvirkur texti

Creates, edits, or inserts AutoText. You can store formatted text, text with graphics, tables, and fields as AutoText. To quickly insert AutoText, type the shortcut for the AutoText in your document, and then press F3.


Allows you to attach URLs to specific areas, called hotspots, on a graphic or a group of graphics. An image map is a group of one or more hotspots.

Tölusetning kafla

Specifies the numbering scheme and outline format for chapter numbering in the current document.


Adds or removes and formats line numbers in the current document. To exclude a paragraph from line numbering, click in the paragraph, choose Format - Paragraph, click the Outline & List tab, and then clear the Include this paragraph in line numbering check box.

Footnotes and Endnotes

Specifies the display settings for footnotes and endnotes.

Leiðarvísir fyrir póstsameiningu

Starts the Mail Merge Wizard to create form letters or send email messages to many recipients.


Insert, delete, edit, and organize records in the bibliography database.

Address Book Source

Edit the field assignments and the data source for your address book.


Updates items in the current document that have dynamic contents, so as fields and indexes.


Calculates the selected formula and copies the result to the clipboard.


Sorts the selected paragraphs or table rows alphabetically or numerically. You can define up to three sort keys as well as combine alphanumeric and numeric sort keys.


Lets you record or organize and edit macros.


The Extension Manager adds, removes, disables, enables, and updates LibreOffice extensions.


Customizes LibreOffice menus, context menus, shortcut keys, toolbars, and macro assignments to events.


This command opens a dialog for a customized program configuration.

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