Kljúfa töflu

Splits the current table into two separate tables at the cursor position. You can also access this command by right-clicking in a table cell.

Til að nálgast þessa skipun...

Choose Table - Split Table.


Afrita fyrirsögn

Includes the first row of the original table as the first row of the second table.

Sérsniðin fyrirsögn (beita stíl)

Inserts a blank header row in the second table that is formatted with the style of the first row in the original table.

Sérsniðin fyrirsögn

Inserts an additional blank row in the second table.

Engin fyrirsögn

Splits the table without copying the header row.

Táknmynd fyrir aðvörun

When you split a table that contains formulas, the formulas may be affected.

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