Specify the properties of the hyperlink for the selected graphic, frame or OLE object.

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Choose Format - Image - Properties - Hyperlink tab.

Choose Format - Frame and Object - Properties - Hyperlink tab.

Choose Insert - Frame - Frame - Hyperlink tab.

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Set the link properties.


Enter the complete path to the file that you want to open.


Locate the file that you want the hyperlink to open, and then click Open. The target file can be on your machine or on an FTP server in the Internet.


Enter a name for the hyperlink.


Specify the name of the frame where you want to open the targeted file. The predefined target frame names are described here.


Select the type of ImageMap that you want to use. The ImageMap settings override the hyperlink settings that you enter on this page.

Myndhlutakort á miðlara

Uses a server-side image map.

Myndhlutakort í forriti

Uses the image map that you created for the selected object.

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