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Inserts a script at the current cursor position in an HTML or text document.

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Choose Insert - Script (only HTML documents)

An inserted script is indicated by a small green rectangle. If you do not see the rectangle, choose - LibreOffice Writer/Web - View, and select the Comments check box. To edit a script, double-click the green rectangle.

If your document contains more than one script, the Edit Script dialog contains previous and next buttons to jump from script to script.

Jump to Previous Script Icon

Jump to Previous Script

 Jump to Next Script Icon

Jump to Next Script


Tegund skriftu

Enter the type of script that you want to insert. The script is identified in the HTML source code by the tag <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">.


Adds a link to a script file. Click the URL radio button, and then enter the link in the box. You can also click the Browse button, locate the file, and then click Insert. The linked script file is identified in the HTML source code by the following tags:

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="url">

/* hunsaðu allan texta sem er hér */



Locate the script file that you want to link to, and then click Insert.


Enter the script code that you want to insert.

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