Fields are used to insert information about the current document, for example, file name, template, statistics, user data, date, and time.

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Choose Insert - Field - More Fields - Document tab

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For the HTML export and import of date and time fields, special LibreOffice formats are used.


Lists the available field types. To add a field to your document, click a field type, click a field in the Select list, and then click Insert. The following fields are available:




Inserts the name of the current user.


Inserts the chapter number and/or the chapter name.


Inserts the current date. You can insert the date as a fixed field - Date (fixed) - that does not change, or as a dynamic field - Date - that it is updated automatically. To manually update the Date field, press F9.


Inserts the filename and/or the directory path of the current document, as well as the filename without extension.


Inserts the page number of the current, previous, or next page.


Inserts fields containing user data. You can change the user-data that is displayed by choosing - LibreOffice - User Data.


Inserts document statistics, such as page and word counts, as a field. To view the statistics of a document, choose File - Properties, and then click the Statistics tab.


Inserts the filename, the path, or the filename without the file extension of the current template. You can also insert the names of the "Category" and the "Style" formats used in the current template.


Inserts the current time. You can insert the time as a fixed field - Time (fixed) - that does not change, or as a dynamic field - Time - that it is updated automatically. To manually update the Time field, press F9.

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The following fields can only be inserted if the corresponding field type is selected in the Type list.


Lists the available fields for the field type selected in the Type list. To insert a field, click the field, and then click Insert.

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To quickly insert a field from the list, hold down and double-click the field.



Fyrri síða

Inserts the page number of the previous page in the document.

Næsta síða

Inserts the page number of the next page in the document.


Setur inn blaðsíðunúmerið.

In the Format, click the numbering format that you want to use.

If you want, you can enter an Offset for the displayed page number. With an Offset value of 1, the field will display a number that is 1 more than the current page number, but only if a page with that number exists. On the last page of the document, this same field will be empty.


Enter the offset value that you want to apply to a page number field, for example "+1".

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If you want to change the actual page number and not the displayed number, do not use the Offset value. To change page numbers, read the Page Numbers guide.


Click the format that you want to apply to the selected field, or click "Additional formats" to define a custom format.

When you click "Additional formats", the Number Format dialog opens, where you can define a custom format.

If you choose "Chapter number without separator" for a chapter field, the separators that are specified for chapter number in Tools - Chapter numbering are not displayed.

If you choose "chapter number" as the format for reference fields, only the number of the chapter heading containing the referenced object is displayed in the field. If the paragraph style for the chapter heading is not numbered, the field is left blank.

The following number range formats are for paragraphs formatted with numbered or bulleted lists:

Flokkur og númer

The format contains everything between the beginning of the paragraph and directly after the number-range field


The format contains the text following the number-range field up to the end of the paragraph


The format only contains the reference number

Fast innihald

Inserts the field as static content, that is, the field cannot be updated.


Select the chapter heading level that you want to include in the selected field.

Offset in days/minutes

Enter the offset that you want to apply to a date or time field.


Enter the contents that you want to add to a user-defined field.

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