Shortcuts (LibreOffice Math Accessibility)

You can control LibreOffice Math without a mouse.

Inserting a Formula Directly

If you want to insert a formula into a text document, and you already know the correct writing, you can proceed as follows:

  1. Write the formula into your text

  2. Select the formula

  3. Choose the command Insert - OLE Object - Formula Object.

Inserting a Formula using a Window

Elements pane

Vinstri eða hægri ör

Move left or right to the next category or function.

Enter lykill

Selects a category (within the category section) or inserts a function in the Commands window (within the function section).

Dálklykill (Tab)

Jump from the first category item to the first function of the category.


Jump from the last category item to the last function of the category.

Flýtilyklar í formúlum

Flýtilyklar (LibreOffice auðveldað aðgengi)

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