Specifies the settings and enhancements for the current effect in the Effect Options dialog.


For some effects, the settings can be specified on the Effect tab page.


Specifies the direction for the effect.

Hröðun í byrjun

Enable this option to assign a gradually increasing speed to the start of the effect.

Hæging við endi

Enable this option to assign a gradually decreasing speed to the end of the effect.


Specifies the enhancements for the current effect.

Enhanced Animation Effects Dialog


Select a sound from the Gallery or select one of the special entries.

Sound button

Plays the selected sound file.

Eftir hreyfingu

Select a color to be shown after the animation ends, or select another after-effect from the list:

Dekkja lit

Select the dim color.


Select the animation mode for the text of the current shape:

Töf milli stafa

Specifies the percentage of delay between animations of words or letters.

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