Java ræsibreytur

You can use this dialog to enter optional start parameters for the Java runtime environment (JRE). The settings that you specify in this dialog are valid for any JRE that you start.

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Choose - LibreOffice - Advanced.

Java ræsibreytur

Enter a start parameter for a JRE as you would on a command line. Click Assign to add the parameter to the list of available start parameters.

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Do not use escape characters or quotes in path names.

For example, to point the system property "myprop" to a folder, enter the following parameter:

-Dmyprop=c:\program files\java

To enable debugging in a JRE, enter the following parameters:



Táknmynd fyrir athugasemd

These changes take effect after you restart LibreOffice.

Úthlutaðar ræsibreytur

Lists the assigned JRE start parameters. To remove a start parameter, select the parameter, and then click Remove.


Adds the current JRE start parameter to the list.


Opens a dialog where the selected JRE start parameter can be edited.


Deletes the selected JRE start parameter.

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