Adding a Command Button to a Document

You can use the Form Controls toolbar to add checkboxes, buttons, tables showing data records, and other controls to a document.

To Add a Button to a Document

  1. Choose View - Toolbars - Form Controls.

  2. Push Button Icon

    On the Form Controls toolbar, click the Push Button icon.

    The mouse pointer changes to a cross-hair.

  3. In the document, drag to draw the button.

  4. Right-click the button and choose Control Properties.

  5. Specify the properties of the button.

  6. To change the button label, click the General tab, and edit the text in the Label box.

  7. To attach a macro to the button, click the Events tab, and click the ... button beside the button action that you want to run the macro. In the Assign Macro dialog, locate the macro that you want to use, and then click OK.

  8. Close the Properties dialog.

  9. (Optional) Specify the properties of the form that the button belongs to.

  10. Right-click the button and choose Form Properties.

  11. The Form Properties dialog opens.

  12. Specify the properties for the form and then close the dialog.

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