Select Database

Creates a new database, opens a database file, or connects to an existing database.

Búa til nýjan gagnagrunn

Select to create a new database. This option uses the HSQL database engine with default settings. The final page of the wizard appears next.

External web page about HSQL.

Opna tilbúna gagnagrunnsskrá

Select to open a database file from a list of recently used files or from a file selection dialog.

Nýlega notað

Select a database file to open from the list of recently used files. Click Finish to open the file immediately and to exit the wizard.


Opens a file selection dialog where you can select a database file. Click Open or OK in the file selection dialog to open the file immediately and to exit the wizard.

Tengjast við tilbúinn gagnagrunn

Select to create a database document for an existing database connection.

Nafn á gagnagrunni

Select the database type for the existing database connection.


The Outlook, Evolution, KDE Address Book, and Seamonkey database types do not need additional information. For other database types, the wizard contains additional pages to specify the required information.

The next wizard page is one of the following pages:

Vista og halda áfram

Specifies whether you want to register the database, open the database for editing, or insert a new table.

Setja upp textaskrártengingu

Setja upp Microsoft Access tengingu

Setja upp LDAP tengingu

Setja upp ADO tengingu

Setja upp JDBC tengingu

Setja upp Oracle gagnagrunnstengingu

MariaDB and MySQL Connection

ODBC tenging

Setja upp tengingu við töflureikni

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