Leiðarvísir fyrir gagnagrunna

The Database Wizard creates a database file that contains information about a database.

Depending on the type of operation and the type of database, the Database Wizard consists of a varying number of steps.

Select Database

Creates a new database, opens a database file, or connects to an existing database.

Vista og halda áfram

Specifies whether you want to register the database, open the database for editing, or insert a new table.

Setja upp textaskrártengingu

Setja upp LDAP tengingu

Setja upp dBASE tengingu

Setja upp JDBC tengingu

Setja upp Oracle gagnagrunnstengingu

MariaDB and MySQL Connection

ODBC tenging

Setja upp tengingu við töflureikni

Hætta við

Clicking Cancel closes a dialog without saving any changes made.

Til baka

View the selections in the dialog made in the previous step. The current settings remain unchanged. This button can only be activated from page two on.


Click the Next button, and the wizard uses the current dialog settings and proceeds to the next step. If you are on the last step, this button becomes Create.

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