Valfrjálsar stillingar

Specifies additional options for a data source.

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In a database window, choose Edit - Database - Properties, click Additional Settings tab

The availability of the following controls depends on the type of database:


Enter the host name of the server that contains the database, for example


Enter the port number for the server that hosts the database.

MySQL JDBC reklaflokkur

Enter the name of the JDBC driver for the MySQL database.


Select the character set that you want to use to view the database in LibreOffice. This setting does not affect the database. To use the default character set of your operating system, select "System".

Táknmynd fyrir athugasemd

Text and dBASE databases are restricted to character sets with a fixed-size character length, where all characters are encoded with the same number of bytes.

Oracle JDBC klasarekill

Enter the name of the JDBC driver for the Oracle database.

Stillingar rekils

Specify additional driver options.

Nota efnisskrá fyrir skráargagnagrunna

Uses the current data source of the catalog. This option is useful when the ODBC data source is a database server. Do not select this option if the ODBC data source is a dBASE driver.

Grunn DN

Enter the starting point to search the LDAP database, for example, dc=com.

Hámarksfjöldi færslna

Enter the maximum number of records that you want to load when you access the LDAP server.

Sýna einnig færslur sem hefur verið eytt

Displays all the records in a file, including those marked as deleted. If you select this check box, you cannot delete records.

Táknmynd fyrir athugasemd

In dBASE format, deleted records remain in the file.

Táknmynd fyrir góð ráð

To view changes that you make to the database, close the connection to the database, and then reconnect to the database.


Opens the Indexes dialog, where you can organize the table indexes in the current dBASE database.

Texti inniheldur fyrirsagnir

Select this check box if the first line of the text file contains field names.

Aðgreinir gagnasviða

Enter or select the character that separates data fields in the text file.

Texta aðskiljari

Enter or select the character that identifies a text field in the text file. You cannot use the same character as the field separator.


Enter or select the character that is used as a decimal separator in the text file, for example, a period (0.5) or a comma (0,5).


Enter or select the character that is used as a thousands separator in the text file, for example a comma (1,000), or a period (1.000).


Select the format for the text file. The extension that you select affects some of the default settings in this dialog.

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