Lets you record or organize and edit macros.

Til að nálgast þessa skipun...

From the menu bar:

Choose Tools - Macros.

Taka upp fjölva

Records a new macro.

Run Macro

Selects the Basic macro to run. Locate the macro by selecting the container, library, module and macro name.

Edit Macros

Opens the Macro dialog, where you can create, edit, organize, and run LibreOffice Basic macros.

Sýsla með fjölva

Opens a submenu with links to dialogs where you can organize macros and scripts.

Stafræn undirritun

Adds and removes digital signatures to and from your macros. You can also use the dialog to view certificates.

Organize Dialogs

Opens the Dialogs tab page of the Macro Organizer.

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