Edit or create arrow styles.

You can add arrow styles to the start or end of a line using the Line tab of the Line dialog.

Til að nálgast þessa skipun...

Right-click a selected object - choose Line - Arrow Styles tab.

Icon Line


Manage Arrow Styles

Lets you add, rename, delete, save and load arrow styles.

Style name

Displays the name of the selected arrow style.


Choose a predefined arrow style symbol from the list box.

Bæta við

To define a custom arrow style, select a drawing object in the document, and then click here.


Changes the name of the selected arrow style.


Deletes the selected element or elements after confirmation.

Hlaða inn örvastílum

Imports a list of arrow styles.

Vista örvastíla

Saves the current list of arrow styles, so that you can load it later.

Preview Field

Displays a preview of the current selection.

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