Specify the position, scaling, rotation, and spacing for characters.

Til að nálgast þessa skipun...

Choose Format - Character - Position tab.

Choose View - Styles - open context menu of an entry and click Modify/New - Alignment tab.

The changes are applied to the current selection, to the entire word that contains the cursor, or to the new text that you type.


Set the subscript or superscript options for a character.


Reduces the font size of the selected text and raises the text above the baseline.


Removes superscript or subscript formatting.


Reduces the font size of the selected text and lowers the text below the baseline.

Stækka/minnka um

Enter the amount by which you want to raise or to lower the selected text in relation to the baseline. One hundred percent is equal to the height of the font.

Hlutfallsleg leturstærð

Enter the amount by which you want to reduce the font size of the selected text.


Automatically sets the amount by which the selected text is raised or lowered in relation to the baseline.


Kvarða breidd

Enter the percentage of the font width by which to horizontally stretch or compress the selected text.


Specify the spacing between individual characters.


Specifies the spacing between the characters of the selected text. Enter the amount by which you want to expand or condense the text in the spin button.

Táknmynd fyrir góð ráð

To increase the spacing, set a positive value; to reduce it, set a negative value.

Þjöppun stafapara

Automatically adjust the character spacing for specific letter combinations.

Kerning is only available for certain font types and requires that your printer support this option.

Preview Field

Displays a preview of the current selection.


Resets changes made to the current tab to those applicable when this dialog was opened.


Applies the modified or selected values without closing the dialog.

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