Save a Copy

Saves a copy of the actual document with another name or location.

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From the menu bar:

Choose File - Save a Copy.

From the tabbed interface:

Choose File, long click on Save then choose Save a Copy.

From toolbars:

Icon Save a Copy

Save a Copy

Creates another file with same contents of the current file. The current file is kept open for editing.

File dialogs - such as Open, Save As and the like - are available in two different ways:

Use - LibreOffice - General to shift from one to the other.

Folder selection

Pick up your preferred folder from the pull-down list or type its path name. Autocomplete function can be used to ease typing.

Connect to a server using the File Services dialog.
Select a parent folder from the folder path with Icon Open.

Add a subfolder to the current folder with create new folder.

File name

Enter a file name or a path for the file. You can also enter a URL

File type

Select the file format for the document that you are saving. In the display area, only the documents with this file type are displayed. File types are described in Information on Import and Export Filters.

Save with password

Protects the file with a password that must be entered before a user can open the file.


Only documents using the LibreOffice XML-based format can be saved with a password.

Automatic file name extension

Enforces the Open Document Format (ODF) when checked.

Encrypt with GPG key

Use OpenPGP public keys to encrypt documents.


Saves the file.

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