PostgreSQL Connection

Specifies the options for connecting to PostgreSQL databases.

Direct connection to PostgreSQL databases

The data for the direct connection to a PostgreSQL database can be provided in two different ways:

Fill in the data

Connection data can be provided by filling in the top three text boxes. Ask the database administrator for the correct data.

DBMS/driver-specific connection string

Instead of entering the data in the text boxes as explained above, or if you need to specify more parameter for the connection, you can enter the driver specific connection string. The connection string is a sequence of keyword/value pairs separated by spaces. For example

dbname=MyDatabase host=myHost port=5432


You can also enter the connection string as



Refer to the database server administrator for the correct values of the keywords passed in the connection string. Values for user= and password= are ignored but will be requested at connection time.


The connection string is displayed in the LibreOffice Base status bar.

List of all keyword/value pairs for PostgreSQL 13 connection string. Not every pair is handled by the LibreOffice driver manager.

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