Copy Table

You can copy a table by dragging and dropping the table onto the table area of a database file window. The Copy table dialog appears.

Table name

Specifies a name for the copy. Some databases only accept names containing eight or fewer characters.


Definition and data

Creates a 1:1 copy of the database table. The table definition and the complete data are copied. The table definition includes the table structure and format from different data fields, including special field properties. The field contents supply the data.


Copies only the table definition and not the corresponding data.

As table view

If the database supports Views and you selected this option, a query will be created in the table container as a table. This option allows you to view the query results as a normal table view. The table will be filtered in the view with a "Select" SQL statement.

Append data

Appends the data of the table to be copied to an existing table.

The table definition must be exactly the same so that data can be copied. Data cannot be copied if a data field in the target table has another format than the data field in the source table.

Match the data field names in the Copy Table dialog on the Apply Columns page.

If the data cannot be attached, you will see a list of fields in the Column Info dialog whose data cannot be copied. If you confirm this dialog with OK, only the data that does not appear in the list will be attached.


If the fields of the target table have a smaller field length than in the source table when data is being attached, the source data fields will automatically be truncated to match the field lengths in the target table.

Create primary key

Automatically generates a primary key data field and fills it with values. You should always use this field, since a primary key must always be available in order to edit the table.


Specifies a name for the primary key generated. This name is optional.

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