Referencing URLs

For example, if you found an Internet page containing current stock exchange information in spreadsheet cells, you can load this page in LibreOffice Calc by using the following procedure:

  1. In a LibreOffice Calc document, position the cursor in the cell into which you want to insert the external data.

  2. Choose Sheet - External Links. The External Data dialog appears.

  3. Enter the URL of the document or Web page in the dialog. The URL must be in the format: The URL for local or local area network files is the path seen in the File - Open dialog.

    LibreOffice loads the Web page or file in the "background", that is, without displaying it. In the large list box of the External Data dialog, you can see the name of all the sheets or named ranges you can choose from.

  4. Select one or more sheets or named ranges. You can also activate the automatic update function every "n" seconds and click OK.

    The contents will be inserted as a link in the LibreOffice Calc document.

  5. Save your spreadsheet. When you open it again later, LibreOffice Calc will update the linked cells following an inquiry.

  6. Under - LibreOffice Calc - General you can choose to have the update, when opened, automatically carried out either always, upon request or never. The update can be started manually in the dialog under Edit - Links.

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