Sets additional sorting options.

Til að nálgast þessa skipun...

Choose Data - Sort - Options tab.

Háð há/lágstöfum

Sorts first by uppercase letters and then by lowercase letters. For Asian languages, special handling applies.

Táknmynd fyrir athugasemd

Note for Asian languages: Check Case Sensitivity to apply multi-level collation. With multi-level collation, entries are first compared in their primitive forms with their cases and diacritics ignored. If they evaluate as the same, their diacritics are taken into account for the second-level comparison. If they still evaluate as the same, their cases, character widths, and Japanese Kana difference are considered for the third-level comparison.

Sviðið inniheldur dálkafyrirsagnir

Omits the first row or the first column in the selection from the sort. The Direction setting at the bottom of the dialog defines the name and function of this check box.

Taka með snið

Preserves the current cell formatting.

Enable natural sort

Natural sort is a sort algorithm that sorts string-prefixed numbers based on the value of the numerical element in each sorted number, instead of the traditional way of sorting them as ordinary strings. For instance, let's assume you have a series of values such as, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, ..., A19, A20, A21. When you put these values into a range of cells and run the sort, it will become A1, A11, A12, A13, ..., A19, A2, A20, A21, A3, A4, A5, ..., A9. While this sorting behavior may make sense to those who understand the underlying sorting mechanism, to the rest of the population it seems completely bizarre, if not outright inconvenient. With the natural sort feature enabled, values such as the ones in the above example get sorted "properly", which improves the convenience of sorting operations in general.

Afrita leitarniðurstöður í:

Copies the sorted list to the cell range that you specify.

Sort results

Select a named cell range where you want to display the sorted list, or enter a cell range in the input box.

Sort results

Enter the cell range where you want to display the sorted list, or select a named range from the list.

Sérsniðin röðunarátt

Click here and then select the custom sort order that you want.

Sérsniðin röðunarátt

Select the custom sort order that you want to apply. To define a custom sort order, choose - LibreOffice Calc - Sort Lists .



Select the language for the sorting rules.


Select a sorting option for the language. For example, select the "phonebook" option for German to include the umlaut special character in the sorting.


Efstu til neðstu (raða röðum)

Sorts rows by the values in the active columns of the selected range.

Vinstri til hægri (raða dálkum)

Sorts columns by the values in the active rows of the selected range.


Displays the cell range that you want to sort.

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