Hides selected rows or columns

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From the menu bar:

Choose Format - Rows - Hide.

Choose Format - Columns - Hide.

From the context menu:

Click on the rows headers to select, choose Hide Rows.

Click on the columns headers to select, choose Hide Columns.

From the tabbed interface:

Choose Home - Rows - Hide Rows.

Choose Home - Columns - Hide Columns.

Choose Layout - Rows - Hide Rows.

Choose Layout - Columns - Hide Columns.

From toolbars:

Icon Hide Rows

Hide Rows

Icon Hide Columns

Hide Columns


A break in the row or column header indicates whether the row or column is hidden.

To display hidden rows or columns

  1. Select the range that includes the hidden objects. You can also use the box in the corner above row 1 and beside column A.

  2. Choose Format - Rows/Columns - Show.

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