Dagsetninga- og tímaföll

Use the statements and functions described here to perform date and time calculations.

LibreOffice Basic lets you calculate time or date differences by converting the time and date values to continuous numeric values. After the difference is calculated, special functions are used to reconvert the values to the standard time or date formats.

Táknmynd fyrir góð ráð

You can combine date and time values into a single floating-decimal number. Dates are converted to integers, and times to decimal values. LibreOffice Basic also supports the variable type Date, which can contain a time specification consisting of both a date and time.

Umbreyting dagsetningagilda

The following functions convert date values to calculable numbers and back.

Umbreyting tĂ­magilda

The following functions convert time values to calculable numbers.

System Date and Time

The following functions and statements set or return the system date and time.

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