Heading Numbering

Specify the numbering format used for automatic numbering of headings in the current document.

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From the menu bar:

Choose Tools - Heading Numbering

From toolbars:

Icon Heading Numbering

Heading Numbering

Numbering on headings is achieved by setting a numbering scheme to paragraph styles used as headings. The outline level assigned to the paragraph style expresses the place of a heading in your document structure. A numbering scheme can be set for each outline level.

By default, LibreOffice assigns the predefined “Heading [1–10]” paragraph styles to the corresponding outline levels (1–10) in the dialog. You can use the dialog to assign a different paragraph style to an outline level. Only one paragraph style can be assigned to each outline level.


If you want numbered headings, choose Tools - Heading Numbering. This command opens a dialog where numbering schemes can be assigned to paragraph styles used for headings. Do not use the Toggle Ordered List icon on the Formatting Bar or the Format - Bullets and Numbering dialog.


Specifies the number format for heading numbering in the current document.


Set indent, spacing, and alignment options for numbering symbols, such as numbers or bullets, to ordered and unordered lists.


Saves or loads a numbering format for headings. Saved numbering formats are available to load into other text documents.


The Load/Save button is only available for heading numbering. Use List styles to save formatting for ordered or unordered lists.

Tanpa judul 1 - 9

Select a predefined numbering format. Initially the “Untitled [1–9]” formats are empty. You can save your settings as a numbering format using Save As. Saved formats appear in the menu with the name you entered.

Simpan Sebagai

Opens a dialog where you can save the current numbering and position settings for all levels as a numbering format. Saved numbering formats are available to load into other documents.


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