Gaya Karakter

Character styles provide a way to customize the formatting for individual characters. Use character styles to change the properties of a character, word or selected part of a paragraph. When you apply a character style to a text selection, the character style properties override the corresponding paragraph character properties.

For example, if you apply a character style with 15pt font size to a selection in a paragraph with character property of 12pt font size, the selection is set to 15pt, while the rest of the paragraph remains with 12pt font size.


The Default Character Style is actually the set of character properties of the current paragraph style. Use the Default Character Style to reset the character properties of the selection to those of the paragraph style. You cannot customize the Default Character Style.

Untuk mengakses fungsi ini...

  1. Choose View - Styles or Styles - Manage Styles () to open Styles deck.

  2. Click on the Character Style icon at top of the deck, then select a character style.

  3. Right-click to open context menu and choose Modify/New.

Character Style Icon

Character Style icon


Direct formatting overrides any formatting provided by a character style. To remove direct formatting from a selection, use Format - Clear Direct Formatting (+M).


Tetapkan opsi untuk gaya yang dipilih.


Use the Contains section in the Organizer to see the properties of the character style.

Tentukan format dan fon yang ingin Anda terapkan.

Efek Fonta

Tentukan efek fonta yang ingin Anda gunakan.

Tentukan posisi, skala, rotasi, dan jarak untuk karakter.

Tata Letak Asia

Menetapkan opsi untuk penulisan dua baris untuk bahasa Asia. Pilih karakter dalam teks Anda, lalu pilih perintah ini.

Perintah-perintah ini hanya bisa diakses setalah anda mengaktifkan dukungan untuk bahasa Asia di - Pengaturan Bahasa - Bahasa.


Applies current highlighting color to the text selection.


Menetapkan opsi batas untuk objek yang dipilih di Writer atau Calc.


Resets modified values on the current tab back to the values when the dialog was opened. If Apply is used before closing the dialog, then values are reset to those after the last use of Apply.


Applies modifications on all tabs without closing dialog. Cannot be reverted with Reset.

Reset to Parent

Values for the current tab are set to those found in the corresponding tab of the style specified in “Inherit from” in Organizer. In all cases, also when “Inherit from” is “- None -”, current tab values specified in “Contains” are removed.


Simpan semua perubahan dan tutup dialog.


Closes dialog and discards changes on all tabs. If Apply was used, then changes after the last use of Apply are discarded.

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