Microsoft Office

Specifies the settings for importing and exporting Microsoft Office and other documents.

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Pilih - Muat/Simpan - Microsoft Office.

Objek Tertanam

The Embedded Objects section specifies how to import and export Microsoft Office or other OLE objects.

These settings are valid when no Microsoft or other OLE server exists (for example, in UNIX) or when there is no LibreOffice OLE server ready for editing the OLE objects.

Jika server OLE aktif untuk objek tertanam, maka server OLE akan digunakan untuk menangani objek.

Jika tidak ada server OLE yang aktif untuk objek MathType, maka objek MathType yang disematkan dapat dikonversi menjadi LibreOffice objek Math. Untuk konversi ini, objek MathType yang disematkan tidak boleh melebihi spesifikasi MathType 3.1.

[L] and [S] Columns

The [L] and [S] checkbox displays the entries for the pair of OLE objects that can be converted when loading into LibreOffice [L] and/or when saving into a Microsoft format [S].

Mark the box in the [L] column in front of the entry if a Microsoft or other OLE object is to be converted into the specified LibreOffice OLE object when a Microsoft or other document is loaded into LibreOffice.

Tandai kotak di kolom [S] di depan entri jika objek LibreOffice OLE akan dikonversi ke objek Microsoft OLE yang ditentukan saat dokumen disimpan dalam format file Microsoft.

Character Highlighting

Microsoft Office memiliki dua karakter serupa untuk latar belakang karakter LibreOffice. Pilih atribut yang sesuai (sorotan atau pewarnaan) yang ingin Anda gunakan selama ekspor ke format bekas Microsoft Office.

Lock files

Mark this checkbox to generate a Microsoft Office lock file in addition to LibreOffice own lock file. Lock files signal to applications that a resource or file should not be used until the lock is released.


LibreOffice can read lock files generated by Microsoft Office.

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