Adding Heading Numbers to Captions

You can include heading numbers in captions.

Ensure that your document has headings. You can use the predefined “Heading [1–10]” paragraph styles. You must also assign a numbering scheme to the heading paragraph styles. Use Tools - Heading Numbering.

  1. Select the object to get a caption.

  2. Válassza a Beszúrás - Felirat lehetőséget.

  3. Select a caption type from the Category box, and select a numbering scheme in the Numbering box. You can enter an optional caption text in the Caption box.

  4. Kattintson a Beállítások gombra.

  5. In the Up to level box, select the outline level of the heading number to display before the caption number.

  6. Type the character to appear between the heading number(s) and the caption number in the Separator box, then click OK.

  7. In the Caption dialog, click OK.

If the caption is already inserted in the document, then right-click on the caption number, choose Edit Fields, then enter values for Up to level and Separator.


A LibreOffice automatikusan hozzá tud adni egy feliratot egy objektum, kép vagy táblázat beszúrásakor. Válassza ki - LibreOffice Writer - Automatikus felirat lehetőséget.

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